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Student Chapter of the American String Teacher's Association at the University of Arizona (ASTA)

ASTA is a service organization designed to enhance the community through promoting a quality string instrument music education and string instrument playing.

3D For Everyone (3D4E)

We are true to our name. 3D For Everyone, 3D4E, is a club for anyone interested in working with their peers on a variety of 3D printing projects. Prior knowledge of 3D printing is absolutely not necessary, only a passion to learn.

770 Society (770)

The purpose of the 770 Society is to provide a forum for students who are interested in the United States Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Program, including submarines and aircraft carriers.

A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic's goal is to reach out to as many children diagnosed with illnesses as we can. The primary way we do this is by dressing up as princesses and visiting children in our local hospitals!


Aaroha is the first South Asian Fusion ACapella team on the University of Arizona Campus and in the state of Arizona. We work to bring a mix of culture to the ACapella world on campus as well as compete nationally.

Accounting Student Association

Professional accounting club focused on networking with industry recruiters and department faculty.

Active Minds

Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses.


AdCats is the University of Arizona's first student-run advertising team. We are committed to being the optimal link connecting the University of Arizona and the surrounding community.

Aerospace Booster Club (ABC)

This organization is a non-profit group comprised of Air Force ROTC cadets. Our mission is to fundraise for the Cadet Wing, so that we can continue with our day-to-day operations and effectively train for a future as Air Force officers.

African Americans in Life Science (AALS)

The mission of AALS is to promote knowledge, camaraderie, and individual professional and academic growth for those pursuing careers in the sciences.

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